Swedish based artist Maria Hamberg was born in 1965 in Helsinki Finland, by her Swedish parents who we’re living there at the time. 

From there her upbringing in mainly Spanish talking countries ...Barcelona, Venezuela and Mexico City opened the door to different cultures. Places she describes being filled with life, vibrant and passionate people with ‘’Corazon" which means heart in Spanish. A beautiful palette of color If you will and somewhat a description of her art.


A few years after graduating school, Maria headed to Los Angeles for vocal-studies, to pursue a career in the music industry. However elbows and competition stroke her at last and she gave it all up.

Given Marias background with a few languages in her pocket, she recharged and made a career in the travel industry. 

It wasn’t until the passing of her mother in 1999, when she found her mothers paintingbox, she decided to paint a few strokes that awakened her to the artworld. However it would still take many more years, before she finally understood how rewarding it was and to actually take the step into making her art into a profession.

In 2014 she slowly but surely started taking some classes and at the age of 51 in 2016, she had her first solo exhibit in an artgallery in Sweden and sold almost every painting she had.

Maria describes her love for abstract, as it allows her to be free. She never has a clear idéa of what it is she will paint and her procedure starts with feeling the colors she is drawned to at the moment. Besides brushes and hands, she will use anything she can, to make an expression on her art.

Art buyer 

‘’Maria Hamberg’s powerful life-affirming paintings portrays dimensions that extend beyond everyday life.

Being in the presence of Maria’s paintings is discovering new rooms and dimensions within yourself; a feeling of expansion and hope.’’

After almost a year of delays Maria has now finally gotten the heads up to start building a new and spacious studio that will be ready in January/February 2021. She is also looking at new art ventures outside of Sweden.


Member of Swedish Artist’s Association



30-31/3 Collective exhibit 

"Acrylics & and little more"
Onsala sjö & Båtmuseum,Sweden
19/1 Collective exhibit 

Odd Fellow_Sweden

26/8-5/9 Jury-rated exhibit
Galleri Villastaden Borås Sweden


14/3 Collective exhibit,Västra Frölunda Kulturhus, Sweden
3-9/12 Solo exhibit " New Era" 

Galleri Engleson, Sweden

Art Society sales


•Hallands Länsförsäkringar
•Ystad Kommunanställdas



Art College (one semester) Artist and headteacher Stefan Ceder

Art Courses 

(weekend, or a minimum of one week)

*Distance course online, "Color for Rebels" American artist Jodie King
*Acrylic art, Swedish artist Wiveka Warenfalk
*Acrylic art, summer course Swedish artist Sofia Ocaña
*Raku burning at Ateljejo,Swedish artist Elisabet Johansson

* Acrylic ink, Swedish artist Anette Carlsson Moberg

*Gelartprint, Swedish artist Ingrid Draminsky

*Acrylic art, Swedish artist Sofia Ocaña (Sensus)